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After 15 years in the hairdressing industry, I have gained so much knowledge and experience, I am now ready to share this with everyone. I have put my heart and soul into these training sessions and I really look forward to seeing everyone and joining me on the training days. We are always improving our knowledge and educating ourselves with our own or other people’s hair.

Take the plunge into the world of hair and I promise you won’t look back...
Mi' Amour Training BECOME A STYLIST

Mi' Amour Training BECOME A STYLIST

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Become a Stylist:

Mi Amour ‘BECOME A STYLIST’ Training Course
Available to NVQ level 2 and over.

This course is aimed at qualified stylists who are in need of more enhanced training, or would like to move out of their comfort zone and cover areas of cutting and styling, they are not too confident with.

This is a full day of intense training, for cutting and styling.
The Training is a held over a full day from 10am - 4pm.


We will cover the following topics:

  • Long hair, both cutting and styling
  • Sectioning hair when cutting and styling – and the importance of this
  • Long hair re-style to short hair
  • Shorter hair styling and products
  • Taking weight out and texturising hair
  • Fringes, Gringes and Bangs
  • Live Demos
  • Practical work


  • Mi Amour brushes (full set of 4)
  • Hair manual (Hair Bible) (Awaiting reprint)
  • Pack of 4 Mi Amour clips
  • 10% off brushes on the day

Lunch and snacks are also included.

You will need to bring your own Scissors and Comb!